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Are pest birds causing damage or posing a risk to your health? We offer affordable solutions for residential and commercial properties

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Local Pest Bird Control

Pest Bird Control and Pest Bird Proofing

Aim Environmental will provide you with the best preventative methods for bird control and bird proofing. These include:

Netting – Protect your crops or buildings with nets that come in a range of colours and materials to best suit your needs.

Spiking – These unobtrusive spikes require little maintenance.

Culling – If there are simply too many birds to deal with, this is an option we can carry out.

Falconry – Birds are scared off by a hawk or falcon, meaning the area isn’t desirable for nuisance birds anymore.

Behaviour adjustment treatments – Works in a similar way to electric fences but with a much smaller current and they are unobtrusive.

Our bird proofing service is available throughout Redditch, Solihull, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Walsall and the West Midlands.

Our Pest Bird Control Measures are the Best on the Market

Each bird control measure is suited to various scenarios. We’ll provide you with the information to make an informed choice.

There are many different varieties of birds across the world and many of them never interfere with our way of life.

It’s known that pest birds cause domestic and commercial properties a lot of damage and it’s a massive expense to clear up, not to mention the impact on public health.

There are 110 known pathogens known to affect birds. They include viruses, fungi and bacteria. These can be spread through airborne diseases and foodborne diseases.

Pigeon Pest Bird Control
Pest Bird Control Wolverhampton

We Offer Free Pest Bird Removal Advice

Urban birds have a number of parasites on them that will feed on the bird and human blood, these include Bird Mites, Pigeon Fleas and Martin Bugs.

Dead birds, droppings and feathers can also contain a wide variety of other insects including flies, beetles and moths. Many of these insects will infest a property, feeding on fabrics and stored food products, this makes pest bird control essential.

They provide a huge amount of cost in terms of having to clean the mess up, and the dangers of not clearing it can have even bigger consequences, including making you or your staff ill and damaging your machinery or products.

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Birds such as pigeons can cause homes and businesses across Wolverhampton, and the West Midlands a huge amount of problems, contact us today for a free quotation 01902 475175.

Pigeon Pest Control

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