Local Pest Control - Still Busy Through Covid 19 Lockdown in the Spring

April 03, 2020

Ant Treatment Pest Control
aim_admin - April 03, 2020 - Pest Control

Ant Treatment Pest ControlLocal pest control services are still being carried out across the West Midlands, During the current situation that we find ourselves in, we’re all spending more time in our homes than ever before. I’m sure that a lot of us are used to faster-paced lifestyles and living in this way makes certain situations become less apparent in and around the home. Now that we are spending more time indoors, it’s highlighting problems about our home that have previously gone unnoticed.

As a result of this, our office has seen an influx in calls with local pest control issues in domestic and commercial properties, regarding issues that have been going on for some time. Everything from noises in the loft/walls, sightings of rodents in and around the garden or external areas and droppings in garages/outbuildings.

Most surprising of all is insect infestations that until now have gone under the radar. We are receiving calls from people complaining that their kitchen has problems with SPI (stored product insects) that they hadn’t even noticed before.

As the weather warms nicely into Spring and the nights are now drawing out, the seasonal life of the pest control industry changes just as quickly. The long dark winter, which is full of call-outs for opportunist rodents taking shelter wherever they could, now changes to the season of new life.  One of the first to appear, which you’ll now see hovering around the garden like Chinnock helicopters, is the queen Bumblebee who is already fertilized from last year and on the hunt for food and shelter. Once she finds a suitable nest (normally under sheds or in bird boxes) she will forage hard to provide enough feed for all the emerging grubs. Once the first generation of workers have left the nest she will remain there nurturing future bee populations. Bumblebees are harmless and do not require eradicating unless they pose a serious risk to human life, efforts to relocate the nest must be explored first.

Another problematic pest this time of year, due to the change in climate, is the common black ant. The queen begins laying eggs and once hatched the working colony of ants leave the nest and head for bins, kitchens, garden beds and plants, in search of food. The nests are generally found in grass areas, in walls and under paving and can contain thousands of ants. These nests become a particular nuisance when the mating ritual begins and flying ants take over your property. The fertilised female flying ants will fly away, shed their wings, burrow into the ground and overwinter into the soil for the following season. There are many different treatments available for Ants, our technicians would choose the most relevant whilst onsite.

There are many more pests that will start appearing over the coming weeks and months regardless of the current situation we find ourselves in with Covid 19. The BPCA confirmed the industries ‘Key Worker’ status with the government as our services provide help in maintaining public health standards our business remains open, but it’s our responsibility as a business to carry out a risk assessment to make sure the treatment can be carried out with minimal risk to both our employees and the public.

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