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Mole Control West Midlands Available with Same Day Call Out

Aim Environmental Services Mole Control West Midlands uses a variety of mole trapping techniques and we can have all the moles out of the lawn within a few days, we offer a same day call out and affordable costing.

We provide pest control services in Redditch, Solihull, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Stourbridge, Walsall and the West Midlands.

Our Mole Control Services are Available with Same Day Call Out

After our first visit, you’ll notice an immediate improvement to your mole problem. We offer a same day, mole control call out service. Plus, our flexible payment options mean you can spread the cost of our West Midlands mole control service. Call us, now!

Mole Control West Midlands Treatment Plans

Moles are a problem for everyone from residential properties through to agriculture. So if you live in the West Midlands and need expert help, you have come to the right place.

We offer humane and effective mole control treatment plans to clear the problem in as little as two days.

Moles are members of the insectivore family and create a network of underground tunnels on the hunt for earthworms in particular. If you are suffering from mole tunnels and hills, it’s normally due to the quality and moisture of the soil. The more worms generally the greater chance of attracting moles.

The moles are covered in a black velvety coat, they have very poor eyesight but make up for it with brilliant senses in touch and hearing.

Our Mole Control Treatment Plans can Remove them from Your Garden in Days

The key to their tunneling expertise is their large spade like forefeet. A solitary mole can dig up to 20 metres per day on the hunt for food. Once the channel has been cleared, they push the excess soil upwards out of the way creating the mole hill.

Adult moles are around 15cm in length and weigh around 110g. Their network of tunnels can range from 100 – 1000m2 and are patrolled vigorously by the mole as slugs, worms and insects fall into the mole tunnels. Moles tend to eat around 40g of food per day.

There are many ways of removing moles from your garden. Mole trapping is the most humane and safe way. The type of trap we use is dependent on the depth of tunnel from the surface. The technique for setting the traps is something you learn with years of experience.

Gassing is also used with the use of Aluminum Phosphate, although the regulations on how it’s used are very stringent due to the danger it poses to the health of the technician, other animals and the general public.


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Called about rodent problem, these guys came out the same day and sorted straight away! can’t recommend highly enough!!


1st class service, from phone call to completion 2 hours. Got rid of them pesky wasps super fast, super duper price too, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone. Cheers Jason and team

Tracey Willetts

I contacted AIM regarding a wasps nest in my wall. A very nice guy called Jason arrived within 2 hours and got rid of the problem. It only took a matter of minutes. Fantastic service, great price and I highly recommend this company.

Eleanor Taylor

Outstanding service. Put out a Facebook recommendation request only yesterday, Peter from AIM was in touch within minutes.
He came today (Friday, 6 July) to deal with several ant nests. Peter is super-friendly, treated the problem quickly for a great price and so far, so good!

Daniel Waldron