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February 24, 2021

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Every year thousands of home and business owners have to contend with a wide variety of pests and rodents including bedbugs, fleas, woodworms, rats, mice, squirrels, mosquitoes and many more.

The risk of using DIY methods to attempt to resolve these issues are twofold. Not only could it endanger the health of humans and pets living on the property but also could lead to severe and expensive damage to property.

Most of the rodents and pests also scavenge for food through sewage pipes and trash bins. Thus, they end up becoming carriers of a variety of bacteria and pathogens.

Consequently, those working and living on such a property face the risk of being afflicted with a range of chronic diseases.

These could range from respiratory tract infection to allergies and more serious health issues.

Over the long run, DIY pest or rodent control practices are not effective in controlling or eradication severe infestations.

If you want your property i.e., home or business to be healthy and free of these pests you need to make use of pest control services.

Pest control prices will vary according to the kind of infestation and the solution being offered. For E.g., Commercial costs for rodent control can start from as little as 40p per day.

Cost for pest control Birmingham and its surrounding areas
For those that live away from the overpopulated city centre, there is less likelihood of serious pest infestations. The more you like in urban areas the scenario changes because of the easy availability of food and shelter.

They seek warm shelter, food and water al of which help them to breed and thrive.

Therefore, most of these pesky crawlers stay close to human inhabitations.

That is why so many businesses and homeowners across the country turn to pest control professionals for help to prevent and eradicate rodents and other unwelcome creatures from their properties.

Those that live in urban areas will generally find the cost a tad bit more than those staying in the countryside.

As a norm, rodent control prices depend on the area of the property, the kind of pest to be removed, treatment costs and is also subject to the extent of the infestation.

Some other aspects that could affect the pricing include cost of pesticides/rodenticides, tools, fumigation etc. Also, please bear in mind that most of the prices do not include value-added tax (VAT).

When hiring a registered pest control company like aim-environment.com ask them to provide an estimate of the costs involved.

This would be an approximate figure as there could be additional costs that arise as part of the job. The team might have to return on more than one occasion to treat the infestations a couple of times.

In some cases, the pest control agency costs are based on the number of treatment sessions or the number of nests removed instead of property size.

The bottom line for any professional rodent/pest control team is they carry out the job efficiently and effectively at a cost-effective price while ensuring that they carry out the best job.

The pest control process
These are some of the common questions that pop into the minds of business and homeowners that need to use the services of a pest control company.

How long will the process take? Will the treatment rid the property of pests for the long term? Are the pesticides/rodenticides used safe for humans and pets etc?

Here are some steps that form part of the process.

After the company is contacted, they send one or more of their pest control team to visit the business or office property. They then identify the type of infestation and determine the steps needed to deal with the issue.

They will brief the property owner about the extent of damage and the necessary steps needed to deal with the situation.

They will also share the methods available and the property owner can decide what option they would be comfortable with and decide the time and date of the process.

Some of the treatment methods include spraying, fumigation, habitat removals etc.

In most situations, the team just needs a couple of hours to fumigate or treat the property. In cases, where the infestation is widespread, there will be an average cost of £150 – £200 per day they spend on treating the property.

For properties that are heavily infested by pests like mosquitoes, wasps, bedbugs or woodworm they will need to follow up several times. This process is known as re-treating.

Pests and rodents have been infected properties inhabited by humans since time immemorial.

Apart from creating anxiety and stress, they can also pose a health hazard and cause severe damage to any property. The fact is nobody is comfortable with the idea of sharing their homes with any kinds of pests or creepy crawlies. In the case of any major infestation, there will be an urgent need to utilise the services of a pest control company.

There is a tremendous sense of relief property owners get inhabiting a pest-free property. When you engage the services of a professional the property can be free up to a year of the pest.

It can be expensive especially if there are a variety of pests or rodents on the property. The best solution is to control it in the early stages of infestation before it becomes extensive and expensive to remove.

The rates of pest control will differ among companies. You can try one, two or even more companies to visit your home and give you a free estimate of the cost involved.

Then you can choose the company that offers top quality services at a wallet-friendly price to do the job. As the owner, you can reduce the risk of attracting pests and rodents by removing all trash, getting rid of unwanted items on the property and ensuring that there are no stagnant pools of water etc.

All of these attract pests so if you keep your property neat and tidy there will be less likelihood of them infesting your home or business. Get a pest control quote today.

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Having rats, mice and squirrels in your property or place of work can be traumatising, not only for the effect on your health, but also the damage that can be caused to personal property, belongings or stock.


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