Common winter pests in the UK

January 11, 2021

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Pest infestations are not just limited to the warm summer months, as they invade UK homes in the winter as well. Generally, most house pests and in particular insects are very active in the warm months. However, there are winter pests like rodents and certain insects that also look for warm areas indoors to shelter and hibernate in the cold weather.

When the mercury dips, a nice warm business or home indoors can be a very inviting option for them to seek shelter.

Common areas they inhabit indoors include cupboards, garage spaces, crawls spaces and attics etc.

Common winter pests found in UK homes in the winter

Hornets and Wasps: Although these are not winter pests, you need to keep an eye out for them on your property lest you find an infestation when spring arrives. Unlike drones, hornet and wasp queens do not perish in the autumn months. This is because they seek a nice warm location indoors or outdoors to hibernate during the cold weather. Their favourite spots are garages, sheds and attics for the queen. Once the weather becomes milder, she will then chew wood pulp to build the nest combs in which she will lay her eggs to start a new colony. Quite many homeowners get a surprise to discover a nest in their garden or home that seems to have sprung up overnight. The truth is the process was ongoing for quite some time without them being aware of it.

Rats and Mice: Since winter is a time when these pests find their natural sources or food become scarce, they look to enter businesses and homes. If you keep edible items on the kitchen tops or counters you should not be surprised to find they have been nibbled at when you were away. They make the most of any opportunity that provides them access to food items. Apart from sullying food items, they can also cause serious damage to wires, pipes, insulation and other materials of the property that can threaten structural damage. Rats, in particular, are extremely destructive because of their tremendous bite force with them able to chew through concrete, brick and even metal.

Cockroaches and Flies: While they are seldom seen outdoors in the winter months, these pesky creatures are very active indoors during cold weather. The warm and cosy confines of a home attract them and they thrive and multiply in numbers rapidly. Apart from spreading diseases and making their surroundings unhygienic, they are a menace for the hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants and hospitals etc.

Squirrels: They are super cute and adorable to look at but because of their nasty habit of gnawing at surfaces they can cause serious property damage. Attempting to remove themselves on your own may be quite risky as they tend to get aggressive.

In the UK, grey squirrels are in excessive numbers and when caught you cannot legally release them in the wild. Instead, they must be humanely done away with. However red squirrels on the other hand feature on the protected list and one cannot legally damage or remove a shelter of this species. The best alternative would be to get in touch with a professional rodent control service in Birmingham like Aim Environmental to deal with a business or house infestation as per legal guidelines.

Tips to keep these winter pests out of your homes and businesses

As with other kinds of pests you need to prevent these creatures’ entry on your property. Look for all types of entry points that will provide access and seal them thoroughly. Even small openings can provide access to a variety of rodents and pests into the property.

Another way to prevent your home from being targeted by them is to make sure that all trash bins especially those that have food items discarded are securely shut with tight-fitting covers and a fair distance from the home. Ensure you do not leave any food leftovers in the kitchen or on any counters. Pet food also attracts rodents.

Conduct regular inspections of places that are seldom used so if there is any kind of infestation it can be dealt with effectively in the early stages.

If you do have any pests or rodent concerns this winter and need to have it dealt by a professional, then Aim Environmental would be the pest control Birmingham company to get in touch with at the earliest. Message them via their contact page or call 01902 475175 for a rapid response within an hour of receiving the call.

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Having rats, mice and squirrels in your property or place of work can be traumatising, not only for the effect on your health, but also the damage that can be caused to personal property, belongings or stock.


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