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December 18, 2020

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Rats are one of the main spreaders of disease and infections, so if you find them in your home or business property it is essential to get rid of them at the earliest. They are among the most destructive of rodents in the house and need to be dealt with by a professional pest control Birmingham company like Aim Environmental.

Recognising a rat infestation

Rats flourish in warm and dry areas like homes, warehouses that offer access to food sources, especially in the cold weather. They are mostly nocturnal and are rarely spotted during the daytime hours. Some of the most common signs that are indicative of a rat infestation on any property are:

Odour and noisy: Rats give off a very distinctive ammonia odour and they are very noisy with scratching and other audible sounds as they scamper around the place.

Excrement: Their droppings are in the form of pellets up to 14 mm in length and excrete around 40 pellets daily. They are generally found all over the property.

Smears marks: They have poor eyesight and use common routes to find their way around. Consequently, there are grease marks in areas where they brush against surfaces.

Pawprints: In areas that are dusty you can find prints of their feet and tails. One way of determining if they are active is to sprinkle talcum powder or flour on the floor next to their prints and check the next day for new tracks.

Property damage: One of the most dangerous aspects fo having rats at home is they can chew on electrical cables that could pose a fire risk and remain undetected. They also gnaw and scratch containers with food items that are signs of an infestation.

Tips to minimise rat infestation on property:

Once you notice rats on your property there are a few simple ways to reduce the risk of a full-blown rat infestation from happening such as:

Seal crevices and gaps: Rats look for gaps, crevices and any entry points to get into the property so make sure to seal them well. For this, you can use cement, caulk or wire wool etc. They also enter via a drainage pipe that is damaged so get maintenance checks carried out regularly. If you are not able to determine how they enter your home or business, consult a rodent control in Birmingham company to examine the place.

Keep the property clutter-free: The less clutter you have on the property the less the chances of them seeking shelter to hide. Always keep trash bins closed.
Do not leave foodstuff in the kitchen: One of the best ways to discourage them from taking up abode on your property is to keep all such items locked in sealed containers. Remove any spillage immediately and do not leave food open on counters.

Choose the right company/contractor: Select a professional company that handles rodents removal and prevention that is certified and knows the latest updates and guidelines related to the field.

Ways to prevent rats from invading your property:

Secure your waste bins: Rats frequently forage for food withing trash bins so you need to make it inaccessible to them. Secure them with a tight lid that they cannot pry open. Also, keep the bin away from direct sunlight as it hastens food decomposition and increases the smell that attracts rats. Empty the bin daily.

Be careful when feeding pets: Do not keep food for pets in excess as rats are not finicky when it comes to eating. Also, if you feed birds or other wildlife in the garden try to keep them in a feeder hung high above the ground. Never leave too much food out in the garden.

Block access points: Check your property well for any damaged sections that could become entrance points for rodents like rats. Even a small hole can be risky as they can widen it and gain access by squeezing themselves in. Any area the size of a thumb should be blocked.

Maintain a neat garden: Remove all potential nesting material from the garden like woodpiles and debris that attract rats to build nests within them.

Smells that drive rats away:

One of the most effective ways to drive rats away from your property is to use cotton balls dabbed in peppermint oil and to place them in areas frequented by rats. Just make sure to replace them every day. Since rats do not like the fragrance of peppermint it will drive them away.

Some of the more common DIY tips to keep rats away

There are some easy DIY ways to drive rats away from your property that is cost-effective as well, like:
Use pepper spray or sprinkle cayenne pepper near holes and openings that could attract rats.

Another option is to build a bait trap to catch the rat without actually harming it. Transport it within the cage to in an open area far away from homes. For bait nuts, fruits or even ham could be used.

As mentioned earlier peppermint oil, cloves, regular pepper or cayenne pepper can be sprinkled around potential nesting sites.

Get a rat trap from the nearest home depot in your area.

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Having rats, mice and squirrels in your property or place of work can be traumatising, not only for the effect on your health, but also the damage that can be caused to personal property, belongings or stock.


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