DIY Pest Control vs Pest Control Professionals

July 18, 2019

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DIY Pest Control vs Pest Control Professionals

‘Pest control near me’ is becoming a common Google search. Lockdown has caused an increase in some types of pests – and a backlog in access to treatments including rodent control. Not to mention that some reopening businesses may find some unwelcome guests have moved in.

Many home and business owners may attempt DIY pest control to dodge waiting times or keep costs down. However, DIY pest control can be hazardous and costly. And there’s no guarantee that DIY pest treatments will work long-term. Independent pest control companies will be a better option

The truth about DIY pest control

Off-the-shelf pest control treatments or DIY pest control kits are not long-term solutions. Plus, do you really know what chemicals they contain? They could be toxic, making them hazardous in the home or to the public if used in commercial premises.

It is easy to think that a bug is a bug; however, the truth is that different kinds of insects need very different approaches. Even different species of the same kinds of pests need very different control strategies! Usually, it is not easy for a client to correctly recognise the kind of pest present in their home or building. As a result, using the wrong DIY will result in wasting your time and money without seeing any results.

DIY pest control treatments aren’t always the cheapest or safest option. Retailers simply want to sell you a product; they’re not concerned with how you use it.

Often you need at least half a spray can of something to have an effect. Or so much bait that before long it runs out and you have to buy more. It all adds up, not just the cost, but your time too. Plus, most DIY pest control treatments only give you short-term relief.

It can be hard to know if you’ve got the right off-the-shelf pest treatment or kit for the job. Or whether you’re using it properly. The instructions are very rarely clear. And you might need to climb into loft spaces, depending on the pest problem, which isn’t always practical or safe.

Although DIY pest control kits are easy to get hold of, what you’re getting will not keep you pest free for long.

Even if you find the right DIY solution for your pest problem, it will not answer your question about why the pests came to you in the first place, however. This means there are huge chances that these pests will keep coming back.

Professional pest control services

Pest control companies have the knowledge and expertise to deal with problems permanently. Qualified pest control technicians know the right treatment to use and how to apply it. For all types of pest. They can also recommend non-toxic solutions to ensure your pest problem is dealt with safely.

Pest control experts have the experience and training required to identify the pest and use the right technique to get rid of them. Their experience in the field means that they have seen it all before and know what they are doing.

Using the latest pest treatment plans and equipment, pest control experts can eradicate a pest problem. They’ll also provide pest proofing solutions to prevent future outbreaks. Pest control technicians will seal off entry points in loft spaces, air vents, drains and pipes. This means pests won’t be able to gain entry to your property again.

Most off the shelf or DIY pest control kits are unsuitable (or unusable) to treat a large-scale infestation. So you may not have any option but to call in the professionals anyway.

Pest control companies do not just focus on eradication but on complete exclusion. The pest control experts try to understand out why pests got into your property in the first place, how they got there, and then find the right solution to keep them away from your property. This will ensure that your problem is solved permanently.

Aim Environmental Services: a better alternative to DIY pest control

There’s no substitute for expertise and experience when it comes to pest control. Professional pest control experts not only benefit from suitable training, but also from the experience that they have gained in the field. Not only this, professional pest control experts visit your place with all the essential equipment and advanced products, which allows them to treat any kind of pest infestations easily and effortlessly. On the other hand, DIY pest control treatments can be a health hazard and often, they don’t tackle the problem at the source.

It is a fact that DIY ideas should be used only for simple things, like art and craft or maybe for doing something creative. However, when it comes to pest control business, which involves using poisonous substances then you should always just stick to the experts as a wrong step from your side can put the life of your whole family in danger.

To keep your family safe and avoiding wasting your time you should get in touch with Aim Environmental Services, we’re members of the NPTA – the National Pest Technicians Association. Our highly trained, local pest control technicians are qualified up to RSPH Level 2 for the safe application of pest treatments and traps.

We also offer fixed pricing, so you know the cost before we arrive. Plus, our flexible payment options make paying for our services more manageable. All of our work is guaranteed for peace of mind. All you need to do is book an appointment with us and we will take care of everything!

Got a pest problem? Call in the professionals

Thinking ‘how can I find pest control near me’? The Aim team treats pest problems, quickly and affordably, day and night. We’re always in the region and can get to you on the same day in most cases. Check out reviews from our satisfied customers on Checkatrade.com, Google and our Facebook page.

For fast, affordable, trusted West Midlands pest control services, call 01902 475175 now. Or visit our website to live chat or fill in our contact form.

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