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July 13, 2019

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What’s best? Comparing Council and Local Pest Control, Wolverhampton

Many local councils now charge for pest control services that were once free. Either that or they’ve cut pest treatment services completely. This means more homeowners and businesses are turning to independent pest control companies instead. Find out how Aim Environmental compares against council services for pest control services Wolverhampton.

Birmingham City Council charges for seven out of its eight pest control services. And it’s scrapped five more. Although rat treatment is free, it can be hard for customers to tell the difference between rats and mice. This means they’ll get charged when the technician arrives and finds mouse droppings.

Meanwhile, Wolverhampton’s budget for council pest control services has been slashed by as much as 70 percent in the past 24 months. It’s the same scenario across most UK local authorities. Combined with fewer callouts during lockdown, this means there’s a big backlog of work for pest control across the city.

With reduced council services and rising fees, a local pest control company could offer you better value. Aim Environmental Services can treat your pest problem quicker and at a competitive cost. Here’s how we stack up against the local councils.

Council Pest Control Services

  • Most local authorities don’t offer pest control services on weekends or outside typical working hours (9am – 5pm).
  • Emergency pest control is often not available.
  • Most council pest control services are charged by the hour.
  • Many local authority services are only available for certain types of pest. They may also not work at height.
  • Councils often require payment in advance.
  • The majority of councils have limited payment options.
  • Councils can’t offer deals or discounts.
  • If you cancel a pest control callout, you will be charged.
  • Pest control support and advice is limited to council opening hours.
  • Due to demand, most councils have a pest control waiting list.
  • Many councils outsource their services to big companies looking to squeeze a profit

Aim Environmental Pest Control Wolverhampton

  • Aim Environmental offers many pest control services that local councils do not.
  • Aim Environmental operates on weekends and outside typical working hours.
  • Our pest control technicians are available for emergency callouts.
  • We charge a fixed fee per job, not per hour. You’ll know what you have to pay before we visit.
  • Pest control services are available for all types of vermin (except protected species).
  • No upfront payment necessary, you pay when the job is done.
  • Aim Environmental has multiple payment options. For example, our flexible fee system lets you spread the cost.
  • We occasionally run special deals or offer discounts.
  • There’s no fee for cancelling. (Note: A fee is charged if we visit your property and no treatment is carried out.)
  • Support and advice is available through multiple channels outside typical working hours. You can contact us using Facebook Messenger or live-chat with us on our website. Our blog also offers pest control advice
  • We have no waiting list and our professional pest control technicians can respond to most callouts on the same day. We operate across the West Midlands, including in Birmingham, Dudley, Redditch, Stourbridge, Walsall and Wolverhampton. This means one of the Aim team is always nearby.
  • We don’t just treat pest problems. We offer pest proofing services to prevent vermin from returning. And we follow up with customers to ensure the treatment was successful

For added peace of mind, we are members of the NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association). All of our highly trained technicians are qualified up to RSPH Level 2 to ensure full compliance on and off-site.

Choose The Best Local Pest Control Service

In the event that your property has a pest invasion you require the best pest control to not just get rid of current pests, however to keep future issues from re-occurring. We, not just give quality work, yet have the profundity pest explicit experience to offer numerous answers for full pest management. Our top endorsed pest control technicians take care to sympathetically trap and expel creatures while using environmentally friendly products for eliminating rodents, insects, and other pests.

Before recruiting a local pest control company, you have to ask them how much experience they have in their field. Since there are various parts of pest control, it is ideal to recognise what you need so you can ensure that the expert you pick has the best possible preparing.

In the event that you are hoping to have an expert use pesticides, it is basic that they have the knowledge on the best way to apply and deal with chemicals. It is important that the experts complete a pesticide training before being permitted to carry out the service, they must also comply with all the relevant COSHH information provided

Not many pest control authorities are prepared to deal with a wide range of pest control, including smaller animals. The greater part of these kinds of natural life can and will demolish not just the outside of your home, yet the land encompassing it too. It is ideal to have expert evaluate the circumstance and furnish you with an arrangement of how they will deal with the pest control.

Before recognising and employing the most ideal local pest control experts, find out about what sort of services you need and pose loads of inquiries. Notwithstanding what kind of pest you have, it is ideal to contact a local pest control service at the earliest opportunity. Deferring treatments could make the invasion develop bigger, which means more work for the expert and a higher bill for you. We realise exactly why it is so critical to get the best pest control company. You need to be content with your outcomes, realising that the pests have been eliminated and you can have confidence realising they will never return.

Contact Your Local Pest Control Company

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