Rodent Removal wolverhampton | The Best Pest Control for Rodents

July 18, 2019

Rodent Removal Wolverhampton
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Rodent Removal Wolverhampton | The Best Pest Control For Rodents

Rodents are extremely destructive pests, which can infect foods and preparation spaces, result in expensive structural destruction, and even result in house fires by chewing on electrical wires and floods by damaging water/drainage pipe

Even though rodents are small, they can result in a big threat for you as well as your property. Their capacity to reproduce fast, living on the least amounts of food means they are able to reproduce in almost any environment in no time.

Rodents have sharp teeth and remarkable jaw strength, which can help them to eat through cement, wood, and even steel. In addition, rodents must continuously chew to keep their teeth down to a convenient size.

Rodents are the most common pest problem reported in the UK. However, the best way to avoid a rodent infestation after treatment is through pest proofing. Our Rodent Removal Wolverhampton team specialises in pest proofing properties. We will survey your property to cut off access points, meaning that the rodents can’t get back in.

Rodents are very agile. They can scale walls and guttering, climb cables and squeeze through tight gaps. This means we will need to look for potential access points higher up your property. For example, on the rooftop, not just close to the ground.

Rodents have weak eyesight because of which they use only conventional routes to reach their destinations. Greasy fur marks are left behind every time they move around the house. The rodents make different noises alternate between hissing, chattering, and squealing. They chattering by grinding their teeth together, signifying both stress and relaxation. You can follow this sound to find out where they are located.

Most rodent infestations we come across occur in flats, semi-detached and terraced homes. Properties link together, so rodents can gain access through gaps in brickwork, shared drains, pipes and more.

Using rodent traps and rodenticides may treat the problem short-term. But there’s no guarantee that they will eradicate the problem completely. This is why pest proofing solutions are the answer to your rodent problem. Aim Environmental is here to help.

Access Points for Rodent Control

If you have rodents in your garden, they may even enter your property through an open door or window! Other entry points can be damaged airbricks, holes, gaps faulty drains and many more. Rodents can also come via roof mainly where there are gaps between the ceilings and the walls.

Rodents have an ability to squeeze through extremely narrow spaces. Spaces under kitchen units are extremely tempting to the rodents as they can live there carefree, with very little chances of being seen. They like the kitchen apparently because of the food, particularly when it is left exposed and on the shelves overnight.

To attain total rodent control on your property, it is important to ensure that these pests cannot get into your home from the garden or outside. During rodent control, our expert will recognise and close any area, which may be susceptible to a pest attack. To make sure that you don’t have a rodent control emergency, here are the most common ways rodents get onto your property. And how Aim Environmental’s pest proofing can help.

  • Air Bricks and Vents

Rats, mice and squirrels can squeeze their bodies through the tightest of gaps, including air bricks and vents. We would fit a galvanised wire mesh to cut off the access point without blocking air circulation.

  • Doors

Large gaps under doors are an ideal entry point for nimble rodents. To stop rodents slipping under doors, we can apply bristle or brush strips.

  • Drains and Sewer Pipes

Rodents, like rats, mice and squirrels, can exploit gaps in loft eaves. They can cause untold damage in your roof space and spread to adjoining properties. We will tackle gaps in your eaves by applying wire mesh to seal them off.

  • Eaves and Loft Spaces

Gaps in loft eaves will be exploited by rodents, with rats, mice and squirrels causing untold damage in your roof space and spreading to other properties, if you’re adjoined to a neighbouring building. We will tackle gaps in your eaves by applying wire mesh to seal them off.

  • Exterior Brickwork

Loose and damaged brickwork can allow rodents to squeeze into wall spaces. We can repair and seal off damaged or loose brickwork to stop them getting in.

  • Holes and Gaps

Most external walls have holes or gaps where cabling or pipework runs into the house. Our Rodent Control Wolverhampton team will fill these with wire wool or caulking. They can even use steel or aluminium plates for a more robust solution.

  • Windows

Broken glass panes (especially stained glass panels on old doors) or damaged basement windows can allow rodents to get in. We can block them off until you can have the windows fixed.

Need Pest Control Services for Your Property?

Suffering from a recurring rodent problem, even after treatment? Pest proofing solutions might be the best option.

Our well-trained and qualified experts can efficiently deal with any pest problem no matter whether you are a domestic or commercial client.​ We do not only offer treatments, emergency response, and all-inclusive regular service but we also give feedback and suggestion on how to keep away from future infestation.

Our pest control experts can reduce and remove pests from your home or any other commercial property in the best means believable, as they are watchful of the methods, which can be used to do so. They will treat every pest in a specific way, as they know the features of several rodents and other household pests. As a result, it is always a good idea to hire a pest control service like us, as a wrong method used by you can result in a big accident risking the lives of your family members, as well as legal action against you. So, to protect your family, it is vital that you use our pest control service, which offers both domestic pest control and commercial pest control.

For a thorough survey and pest proofing solutions, call Aim Environmental Services on 01902 475175 or live chat with us on our website, now.

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Having rats, mice and squirrels in your property or place of work can be traumatising, not only for the effect on your health, but also the damage that can be caused to personal property, belongings or stock.


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