Pest Control in Birmingham: 7 Reasons to Call Aim Environmental Services

July 18, 2019

Pest Control Birmingham
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Pest Control In Birmingham: 7 Reasons To Call Aim Environmental Services

In May, Birmingham Council told residents with wasp infestations not to call pest control until July. One caller even said she told to contact the RSPCA. Together with an increase in demand for Birmingham pest control services, this means it’s very likely there’ll be a big backlog in cases.

As Birmingham City Council introduced call-out charges last year, this means you could be better off with a private company. Aim Environmental Services can offer you a competitive quote for dealing with your pest problem. And we offer same-day callouts for many pest problems.

Why Call Our Pest Control Birmingham Team?

Birmingham Council pest control services are struggling to cope. Choosing Aim Environmental Services represents better value for money. Here are seven reasons why we’re best for your pest control Birmingham needs.

1) Truly local

We operate across the West Midlands, including Birmingham. Our Birmingham pest control technicians work around the city, from Acocks Green to Yardley. We’re a truly local pest control service, available seven days a week. This means we are completely aware of the locality and will not take much time to get to you. Being local also means that we are better aware of the conditions in our city and will be able to find the perfect solution of your problem as there are huge chances that we might have earlier dealt with something similar and that too in the same environment.

2) Same day call out

As a local pest control company, we’re able to respond to most calls in Birmingham on the same day. It may take days or even weeks for city council pest operatives to deal with your pest problem.

Pests can infest premises at any time, without warning. Whether it’s an invasion of rodents, or something else, you want to get the problem dealt with, fast. We’re always in the region, ready for action.

Our same day service is ideal if you’re a business owner. A sudden pest problem could shut your business down if it’s not dealt with quickly. In such a situation, using our services would ensure that we reach to you in record time and start carrying our work without wasting any time.

Equally, if you’re a parent with young children in the house, it’s unlikely that you will want to wait days for a Birmingham City Council pest control technician to turn up. Nobody wants to live in a house full of pests; therefore, it is the best idea to call us, so that your house can be free of the infestation as soon as possible.

3) Fixed prices, flexible payment options

We offer pest control services at fixed prices for residential and commercial customers. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying before we do any work. Meanwhile, there are flexible payment options available to spread the cost. Our prices are transparent and we before starting the work, we will provide you a quotation, which will have the final price, including all the taxes. We will start our wok only after you accept our quotation.

Birmingham City Council’s call-out fees for pest control are causing concern. Birmingham city’s waste chief has already admitted that complaints about rodent problems in poorer areas of the city are on the up.

Call out charges mean many people will be unable to afford to get pest problems dealt with. Talk to us about our flexible payment options!

4) Qualified Birmingham pest control technicians

When you’re suffering from a pest problem, the last thing you want is amateurs and rogue traders walking through your door. Not only will the problem fail to be treated properly, it could be made worse. Meanwhile, unlicensed treatments could be harmful to your health.

Aim Environmental Services is a member of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA). Our highly skilled team are qualified up to Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Level 2 standards.

We’re Lantra certified, as well as fully licenced and insured. And for added peace of mind, our work is under guarantee. Moreover, all our pest control experts are highly experienced in their job and know what they are doing. Having huge experience means that they have dealt with the similar problems before and are certain about how to proceed.

5) Fast-acting treatment plans

We use the latest equipment and pest treatment plans to deal with your pest problem, properly. Rest assured that we don’t use off-the-shelf treatments or just start spraying chemicals around. Our team will visit your place with all their equipment ready to make your property pest free.

We’ll explain how your pest problem will be treated, while giving you tips on how to prevent further pest outbreaks. Not only this, but we will also carry out a full inspection of your property to make sure there is no more infestation, which might have missed from your eyes.

6) Emergency service

Some pests are nocturnal. You’re more likely to spot them at night, whether you’re heading to the bathroom, down to the kitchen fridge or the sofa, because your other half is snoring!

If you spot something furry or creepy-crawly in the early hours and you can’t get to sleep knowing they’re lurking in the shadows, give us a call. We’ll deal with the problem as soon as we can.

7) Satisfied customers

Customers are happy with the service we provide. We’ve got the reviews to prove it: more than 95 positive reviews on Checkatrade and over 70 more across Google and Facebook. You can check out more testimonials on our website.

That’s us, with seven reasons why you should call us for pest control in Birmingham. (Or pest control near Birmingham.) So call us know if you have any kind of infestation in your property and will look into everything for you!

Our Birmingham Pest Control Services

Watch this space for our next blog. For a fast, affordable, trusted Birmingham pest control service, call 0121 769 2901 now or visit our website to live chat. Or check out reviews from our satisfied customers on Checkatrade.com, Google and our Facebook page.

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