Local Pest Control - Still Busy Through Covid 19 Lockdown in the Spring

April 03, 2020

Pest Control in Spring
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Local Pest Control Near Me – Staying Open During The COVID-19 Lockdown

Local pest control is the last thing you think of during lockdown, we’re all spending more time in our homes than ever before. Many people are slowing down in their fast-paced lifestyles. That means plenty of time to spot problems that might have gone unnoticed before.

As a result, our office has had lots of calls about local pest control issues. Noises in the loft/walls. Sightings of rodents in and around the garden or external areas. Droppings in garages/outbuildings.

Most surprising of all is insect infestations that until now have gone under the radar. We’ve received calls from people with SPI (stored product insects) problems in their kitchens that they hadn’t even noticed before.

Bumbling into Springtime Pest Control

As the Spring weather warms up, the seasonal life of the pest control industry changes quickly. The long dark winter is full of call-outs for opportunist rodents taking shelter wherever they can. Now it’s the season of new life.

One of the first to appear is the queen Bumblebee, already fertilized from last year and on the hunt for food and shelter. Once she finds a suitable nest (normally under sheds or in bird boxes), she’ll forage hard to provide enough feed for all the emerging grubs. When the first generation of workers leave the nest, she’ll stay there and nurture future bee populations.

Bumblebees are harmless. They don’t need to be eradicated unless they pose a serious risk to human life. This means we’ll make every effort to relocate the nest first.

Bumblebees are essential to the environment since they pass pollen to plants, which plants need to develop. Be that as it may, when a gathering of honey bees chooses to build a hive close to your home, they can turn into a risk to individuals, particularly if the hive is disrupted.

Bumblebees are known for being insatiable protectors of their hives. They are less forceful than hornets or wasps, yet they will attack a likely danger to the nest. A bumblebees home in a garden can be dangerous particularly in habitations where little youngsters are available. For the individuals who have reactions to honey bee stings, living in nearness to honey bees can be perilous and even hazardous.

In the event that you discover a nest around your home and it doesn’t present any peril to you or your family, the best thing is simply leave it alone. Actually, in the event that you have a nursery, see yourself as fortunate as many farmers pay big money to have bumble bee homes on their property so as to fertilize their crops.

However, in the event that you have inquisitive kids, pets or just truly would prefer not to be stung, you should straight away contact your local beekeeper. They will have the option to conceivably move it. Removing nests on your own isn’t suggested, particularly as there are various kinds of nests, which need various techniques for expulsion.

Foraging Ants Need A Pest Control Treatment

Another common pest for this time of year is the common black ant. The queen begins laying eggs. Once hatched, worker ants leave the nest and head for bins, kitchens, garden beds and plants, in search of food.

Ants are found everywhere throughout the world and are damaging to food and property. They can likewise bring illnesses and health risks in your home. In certain parts of the world ants can in any event, sting and be perilous.

Ants present a significant issue in families, as they have the ability to contaminate food and surfaces. These nuisances in the family unit represent a risk to you and your family.

Ant nests are generally found in grass areas, in walls and under paving and can contain thousands of ants. Nests become a nuisance, when the mating ritual begins and flying ants take over your property. The fertilised female ants fly away. They shed their wings, burrow into the ground and overwinter in the soil for the following season.

There are many different treatments available for ants. Our technicians will recommend the most suitable one whilst onsite. With a deep comprehension of the degree of harm these ants can cause, we have created in-house an incorporated program to oversee insects. Our professionals evaluate the circumstance at the site and utilize a mix of profoundly particular strategies.

There are a few treatment choices accessible for customers to get rid of ants. There are diverse insect treatment alternatives relying upon the types of insect and the size of the invasion. It can likewise rely upon whether the infestation is inside or outside. In the event that the property is a business or a home can likewise factor into the treatment choices.

More often than not ants are only a disturbance, yet they can contaminate food. A full invasion can annihilate food in your home.

The initial phase in killing an ant infestation in your house is to recognise the types of ant. Not all ants are made equivalent; thus understanding their science and the particular species contrasts is basic to build up the correct control methodology that must be utilized to get rid of ants from your home.

Expert Help from the Pest Control Professionals

Throughout the years, we have continually attempted to present better and more perceptive pest management technology. Vision and premonition together with the craving to continually improve has empowered us to hold our chief status. We are one of the best in the industry when it comes to proving the pest control services.

With the Government confirming our Key Worker Status, if you need our help with a pest control problem? Aim Environmental Services are operating throughout the West Midlands. We’re an experienced and professional pest control company. Check out our reviews from satisfied customers on Checkatrade.com, Google and our Facebook page.

Call us on 01902 475175 or live chat with us on our website to arrange a same day callout. Stay well and stay safe



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