Winter Pest Control: Protect Your Home This Winter

July 18, 2019

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Winter Pest Control: Protect Your Home This Winter

Pest control probably isn’t the first thing you think of over Christmas.

It’s cold and wet. There’s little daylight. No wonder January is such a depressing month. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, something’s been at your selection box or fancy biscuit collection. Or it sounds like you have some lodgers in the loft who aren’t even paying rent.

Mum and the kids are petrified. It may be tempting to be brave and sort it out yourself. But it’s best to call the pest control experts in and get the problem sorted properly.

Pest Prevention first

Pest prevention is common sense, but sometimes it can seem like a bit too much hassle. Here are some common pest control problems inside and outside the home. With a few simple repairs and changes, that mouse would never have got to that box of shortbread in the first place.

1) Pest control through gardening

People maintain their gardens and keep them in good shape to relax and have some good time with family. People usually put in a lot of time and money in planting numerous kinds of fruits, and flowers. However, unfortunately, even in the best gardens, having soil rich in compost and a huge number of plants to boost natural predators, some pests frequently get out of hand.

Rodents love overgrown grass and bushes. Everything is a predator to them – birds, cats and dogs are nature’s very own pest control. These creatures cause a huge damage and damages to both the backyard and human health.

Rodents certainly result in huge damage to the garden; however, they can even dig through the lawn and get into your home. To keep your place free from rodent, it is imperative to identify and take suitable actions to take care of the rodents.

Out of control borders and foot-long grass provide the perfect shelter for rodents. They can move around unnoticed and look for potential food sources or harbourage.

If you have bushes around the perimeter wall of the property, rodents can be twelve 12 inches from the inside the home/business. They’ll look for weaknesses in the structure and access the property through damaged/missing brickwork.

The first step towards pest control is identifying the signs. Pests like rodents typically take control of compost piles, garden and lawns. After they are able to inhabit your garden, they will in no time enter your home and start the destruction.

2) Pest control through building repairs

Most buildings have pipework for water and drainage. Plus electric cables passing through the external wall. If they’re not finished correctly, they offer an open door for rodents. They’ll come through the cavity and occupy your loft (or any other room they have access to). Did you know that a fully grown adult mouse can pass through a 10mm hole with ease?

We often see damaged air vents on the external walls. They allow easy access for rodents. Mesh covers can help with pest-proofing the vents, while still allowing the airflow and preventing damp.

Over time, the mortar between bricks can get damaged. This is another potential access route for pests. We’d advise minor pointing repairs to stop any problems. This is using a ready mix with sand & cement.

Once inside your building, these rodents can destroy materials and result in physical damage by gnawing through electrical wiring, wallboards, wood, and plaster.

Moreover, rodents excrete repeatedly, and their excreta can result in allergic reactions in people as well as picking up serious life threatening infections.

Got any at the bottom of the door? Installing brush strips serves as a dual purpose: preventing drafts and preventing rodent access.

3) Pest control through correct food storage & housekeeping

Rodents have very sharp teeth and strength in the jaws. They can easily bite through metal, cardboard and thin plastic food packaging for an easy meal. Always remember to keep foods in sealable containers (like tupperware) on high shelves and cupboards.

In the places of food, and moisture, there are chanced for rodent activity. Food service places differ a lot, going from complete commercial kitchens to small kitchens with a microwave or refrigerator. In such regions, general cleanliness and extra storage can be an issue as people usually have the habit of leave behind objects, which can attract rodents.

Never leave black bags of food or packaging waste outside the property. They need to go in the bin.

Rodents are opportunists. Make sure you aren’t providing them with an easy meal and potential nesting material. And bringing them to your doorstep.

Call the Pest Control Experts

Rodents are not only difficult to control, but also may transmit diseases and blot food with excreta, saliva and hair. They are also hosts for bugs, which can spread other diseases.

It is not sensible to tackle any wild rodent on your own. They have sharp teeth and can spread diseases, bacteria, and viruses through their urine, fur, saliva, and droppings.

If you spot a rodent problem in your home or business, call in the experts. Aim Environmental Services specialises in rodent control and removal to help you restore calm.

Luckily, our experts provide effective, safe rodent removal services. These pest control experts will examine your property for rodent excreta, paying attention to untouched regions. Our pest control experts are trained in the up-to-date approaches of searching and getting rid of rodents from your home. We cover all entry points all over your home. Our products are a good defense against rodents and we ensure to use take extreme care when handling these products. For clients who are worried about the environmental effect or rodent control, we use environment friendly products to provide the appropriate solution to the people.

Our services are available throughout Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Redditch, Dudley, Walsall and the West Midlands. See the BPCA Website for more information

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