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July 18, 2019

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It was the summer of 2018, an invasion of super fleas was sweeping across the West Midlands – including Stourbridge. Infestation hit homes and businesses hard, with the super fleas latching onto cats and dogs. If you’ve got a flea problem, find out more about our Stourbridge Pest Control service.

No doubt you love your pet, but they’re prone to fleas. In the summer of 2018, an infestation of super fleas wreaked havoc across the West Midlands, with outbreaks occurring in homes and workplaces across the region.

Seagulls were the biggest culprit of the infestation, with fleas latching onto birds heading inland, and spreading across towns and cities by latching onto cats and dogs who were bringing them home. The fleas would then spread throughout homes, latching to clothing and ending up in the workplace. It was quite an epidemic!

If left untreated, your home will quickly become overrun by fleas and you could end up spreading them elsewhere. If you have a flea problem that’s got out of hand, despite applying flea treatments to your pet, washing clothes constantly and vigorously hoovering carpets, it’s time to call the Stourbridge pest control experts.

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Fleas are most common with cats because cats tend to mix more with other flea infested felines. Dog fleas are far rarer.

The first sign of a flea infestation is pets or people in your home constantly scratching. If you’re noticing bite marks on your body which are red and itchy, it’s a sure sign that you have fleas.

The British Pest Control Association highly recommends contacting a professional, pest control service to deal with a flea infestation – that’s us. We have the technical knowledge and access to a range of professional use insecticides which are not available to the public.

We will treat a flea infestation with the application of a residual insecticide, either as a liquid spray or powder, which is applied to all floor surfaces. We then recommend that you do not vacuum or wash floors for at least two weeks or longer to ensure that the treatment has an effect.

Vacuuming or washing floors before the two weeks is up could result in a failed treatment.

The pre-treatment process is the time to thoroughly vacuum or wash floors, clean or dispose of infected bedding and wash your pet. You should do this before our arrival. This gives the insecticide treatment the best chance of working.

Our Stourbridge pest control technicians can be with you on the same day in most cases and have a treatment applied within hours that gets to work fast and effectively.

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We operate all over the West Midlands, including Stourbridge. For a reliable, local Stourbridge pest control service you can count on, call 01902 475175 or live chat with us on our website, now.

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