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Our Pest Advice West Midlands blog is a valuable resource packed with information, tips and advice to protect your property from a pest problem in every season.

Long after we’ve rid your home or business of a pest problem, there’s plenty you can do to prevent those pesky pests from returning.

Our Pest Advice West Midlands blog features top tips from Aim Environmental’s pest control experts, Peter and Jason, who have been on the frontline of pest control in the West Midlands for years, between them.

With content containing preventative measures to stop rats, mice, wasps, fleas, cockroaches, birds, moles and more from invading your property, stay tuned to our blog for regular updates.

Read our latest Pest Advice West Midlands blogs, here… but be advised, some of the images you’re about to see may make you a little squeamish.

The critters that feature in our pest control tales are not the best looking bunch.

Happy reading, Peter and Jason!

DIY pest control

DIY Pest Control vs Pest Control Professionals

If a pest infestation occurs, many home and business owners may attempt DIY pest control to dodge waiting times or keep costs down. However, DIY pest control can be hazardous and costly, with no guarantee that DIY pest treatments will work long-term.

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Pest Control when Renting

Who is Responsible for Pest Control When Renting?

Pest control responsibility when renting private or commercial premises in the UK is unclear. A pest problem can occur in a property in hundreds of ways, which makes it very difficult to say whose responsibility it is to tackle the problem. This feature length guide provides some key information

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Pest Control Stourbridge Flea Treatments

Stourbridge Pest Control: Flea Exterminators at Your Service

It was the summer of 2018, an invasion of super fleas was sweeping across the West Midlands – including Stourbridge. Infestation hit homes and businesses hard, with the super fleas latching onto cats and dogs. If you’ve got a flea problem, find out more about our Stourbridge Pest Control service.

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Pest proofing solutions for rodents.

Pest Proofing Solutions | The Best Pest Control for Rodents

Rodents are the most common pest problem reported in the UK. The best way to avoid a rodent infestation after treatment is pest proofing solutions. Aim Environmental Services specialises in pest proofing properties. We will survey your property to cut off access points, protecting your property from rodents.

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Spring Pest Control Tackling Wasps

What Are The 6 Most Common Spring Pests? Spring Pest Control

Spring pest control season is upon us here at Aim Environmental Services, and we expect an increase in callouts to deal with common spring pests. As the daffodils begin to bloom and the days get warmer and longer, here are the 6 most common spring pests coming out of hibernation to make a nuisance of themselves…

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Rodent Control Service West Midlands. Treatment of Rats.

West Midlands Rodent Control: How Aim Environmental Services Can Help

Have you ever heard the song ‘there’s a rat in my kitchen what am I gonna do?’ by legendary Birmingham-based band, UB40? (look it up on YouTube). 1 in 20 homes in the West Midlands suffers from a rat infestation, so those residents can relate to the song. Got a rodent problem? Try our West Midlands rodent control service.

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