What are the effects of Covid19 on rodent control

May 09, 2020

Rodent Control
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Rodent Control
Rodent Control

Around the world, the effects of lockdown have been seen on news outlets far and wide. We’ve seen everything from rivers, seas and air clearing due to reduced pollution, right through to wild and rare animals making an appearance in urban areas that haven’t been seen for years, everything from Kashmiri goats in Wales to a rare Civet crossing the road in India and the same goes for rodent control.

It’s an eye opening indication of how our increasing populations have taken over the lands that these animals once called home.

Recent reports suggest over 90 countries are now on lockdown, indicating that over 3.9 million people are stuck at home isolating. The effect this has had on pests has been huge.

Pest control companies are finding that urban estates are now being targeted as pubs, restaurants, local tips and fast food outlets aren’t creating the waste that rodents once considered free picking. They are being forced into homes and gardens around the country as they scavenge for food. Rodent control is normally dedicated to eradicating these nocturnal creatures, but more and more customers are reporting rodent sightings in the daytime. In normal (per covid19) conditions, this would be down to limited food supplies for the nest and these daytime sightings are no different.

On the flip side of this, as well as residential property’s being targeted, empty business premises are also becoming at risk. These vacant buildings are targeted by rodents as they lay dormant with no disruptions from humans. The fear is returning staff find that rats and mice have accessed these buildings in an attempt to find food and harbourage, penetrating the fabric of the building and causing damage to stock, either through gnawing damage or excrement damage. As a result, some goods will need to be professionally cleaned or disposed of and replaced.

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Having rats, mice and squirrels in your property or place of work can be traumatising, not only for the effect on your health, but also the damage that can be caused to personal property, belongings or stock.